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Prescription drugs have had their prices going up recently and the medication that people take is now having a financial toll on them. However, there are plenty of ways that can help you save by making strategic changes in the medications you take and many other tips we will give here. The first thing you can do is substitute the generics for name brands. Ask your doctor if there are generic versions to the drug and you might find that the savings can be still immense. You will find the brand name and the generic drug will work just the same.

Ask your physician if there is a pill that can work for the different types of medication if you are taking different pills for the same condition. If you can get a generic combination pill that contains both medications, then you are going to save. There are also pills that you can save on by splitting them and you will still need to check with the physician because the split needs to be in safe dosages. Formulary is a concept in insurance where there is a list of medications that the insurance will pay for. Usually, these plans use tiers to cut down on their costs. One of the advantages with this is that the insurer will even negotiate for better prices with the manufacturer if you are able to switch to the cheaper drugs.

Before the doctor prescribes a drug for you, you should show them the formulary list so that they know the incentives available. The other option of saving is by asking for an exception from the insurer. The plan might waive restrictions and accept to pay for a drug that is not on the list. The procedure for filing the exception is that you get the form from the insurer and have the doctor complete it then submit it to the insurer. If the insurer rejects the request, you can get it reviewed by internal and external parties.

Changing your pharmacy could also help you save on the prescription bill. Your employer pays for mail-order options and it is advisable that you utilize these. There are preferred drugstores where you will get discounts as well and that you should find out about. There are limited networks that employers and insurers are part of and within these networks, you will find great discounts. The pharmacies that you see online could be scams and you need to be careful about them. Contaminated medication is one of the risks you expose yourself to when you buy drugs online. Only go for the online drug stores whose domain name ends with .pharmacy to be on the safe side.
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